200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with MC YOGI & Amanda October 2020 • Point Reyes Station, CA 

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We are excited to support you in this life changing journey... 

 Twenty years ago when we signed up for yoga teacher training to deepen our knowledge of a practice we loved and had been healed by, neither of us thought that we would actually end up being teachers. What happened in teacher training changed the course of our lives forever. 

We found our voices, we discovered strengths we didn’t know we had, we experienced our hearts opening and our minds expanding.

 At the completion of the yoga training when we taught our first yoga classes, we felt the immense joy of sharing this practice that we loved so much with others. 

It was by far the most fulfilling thing either of us had ever done in our lives

Amanda and MC YOGI at the beginning of their journey.

From that moment onward, we have dedicated ourselves to sharing our love of yoga. At our home studio in Point Reyes, California, which we've had for 18 years, we honed our skills. We learned how to teach to the room, listen with compassion and serve students of all ages and abilities. After eight years of teaching daily classes at our studio, we began to travel. In the last decade we have taught at yoga studios all over the word, hundreds of yoga festivals and conferences, as well as juvenile halls, universities, and tropical beaches. We have even taught yoga at the White House and in the forbidden city in China!  

All these experiences were driven from a place of wanting to share the beauty, the joy, and the healing power of yoga. Now, after twenty years of teaching, we have decided it’s time to pass on what we learned in the form of a 200 hour yoga teacher training that will take place at our home studio in Point Reyes, CA.  

In this training we will bring the fullness of all that we have learned from our many experiences teaching yoga. We are also excited to bring all our creativity and use music, art, and storytelling to transmit the teachings of yoga.  

We are excited to offer a yoga teacher training that is both fun and rich with wisdom and we look forward to supporting you as you go on this life changing journey.  

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